Allium Healing offers herd or individual disease treatment and prevention to cover your animals for all known pathogenic disease. This means anything you would usually cover during routine veterinary vaccination programmes with the addition of other diseases that are currently not covered by vaccines. This is not designed to replace vaccines but to be available for anyone who choses not to vaccinate or anyone whose animals react badly to vaccines – giving you a natural effective alternative and still providing your animal with cover. It will also work alongside vaccines if you wish to do both.

Rather than offer a ‘one remedy fits all’ type combination for each species, Allium Healing offers a test that provides your animals with the cover they need for the land they are on and taking into account other animals they come into contact with.

Since conventional vaccines are made using small amounts of either a live or dead pathogen in order to stimulate an immune response from the body it is possible for these pathogens to be shed from a vaccinated animal, pass into an unvaccinated herd member and thus infect unvaccinated animals. This is critical with a mixed herd when you have an animal that cannot be vaccinated due to adverse reactions or side-effects. You still want your animal to be protected but have few options to offer that protection.  This is the sort of thing we can offer our help for.

When initially starting your animal/s on disease prevention we test each one against a set of nosodes for all the pathogens, this is making sure there is no weakness already and the animal has no problem that needs treating prior to offering ‘prevention’.  This means we test for the pathogens as well as provide protection against them.  This is the most thorough way to ensure that nothing slips through the net when working against certain diseases.

All pathogens are treatable using testing and homeopathy – including Johnes disease that has no veterinary treatment (remember in homeopathy ‘like treats like’, so all that is needed for the body to clear bacteria is the remedy that resonates with the bacteria itself at the potency that resonates with the animal).  So even if we uncover something that you hoped we wouldn’t then it is all treatable.

Due to the nature of this testing – which can be a much bigger job depending on initial results – we suggest you get in touch if you would like a quote for testing. We will need information about how many animals you have, what species they are and if you believe you have any health problems in the herd or flock to start with.  Based on that information, we can give you an estimated cost – a minimum and maximum figure – the final figure will depend on time taken.

For horses we can cover Equine Flu, Tetanus, Rabies, Herpes, Streptococcus, Botulism and more…

For goats we can cover CAE, CLA, Johnes, TB, scrapie, Clostridium, Tetanus, Pasteurella and more…

For dogs this can cover Distemper, Rabies, Kennel Cough, Tetanus, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and more…

No species is a problem, the above is just an idea

How we work out the cost

For a herd of 15 apparently healthy goats, disease testing would be between £60 – £120 (checking for Scrapie, CAE, CLA, Johnes, TB, Clostridium, Tetanus, Pasteurella, ‘Bacteria’ and ‘Virus’) – if all the responses were negative (strong) when testing and all that was required was a prevention remedy and dosing protocols then the cost would be £60.  If any of the animals gave positive (weak) responses to any of the stimuli when testing then we would have to pursue treatment for that individual as well as then getting disease prevention for the whole herd. So this is when the price will depend on the time taken, but would never go over the maximum quoted.

On booking we ask you for a deposit of the minimum quoted for testing and the balance is paid on delivery of the results after testing, along with the cost for remedies needed. This is the fairest way we have found, so please do get in touch.

If just one remedy is needed – Disease Prevention – then the cost is exactly the same as for any combination remedy. Dosage for animals is 3 drops on a treat or food.  Each 10ml gives you approximately 200 drops so a 50 ml bottle gives approximately 333 doses –  making it a very cost effective option for disease management.

We always aim to produce results that give the highest level of protection and efficiency but sometimes we cannot foresee future problems that may reduce the effectiveness of the remedy – for example an animal becoming immune-compromised from an unmanaged parasite burden – and for that reason we cannot guarantee full coverage but assure you we test from every angle as thoroughly as possible to protect your animals as if they were our own.

My own herd of goats is managed this way without the use of conventional vaccines so this is something I both trust and use on my own animals.

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