Parasite Management – Herd / Flock Testing


We can test your herd and provide a tailor-made, cost-effective and chemical free parasite treatment

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Allium Healing can offer you a chemical-free and cost-effective parasite treatment for your herds and flocks.  In order to make this parasite treatment as effective as possible we consult with the herd by testing them to establish the correct remedy combination at the correct potency for the animals in your specific herd / flock.

It is most effective to provide the animals with exactly what they want; this covers all species of internal parasite including liver fluke, redworm, pinworm and more. While testing we establish frequency of doses, most herds require a daily dose for between 3 days and 3 weeks (depending on severity of current burden) and then a dose every 2 – 4 weeks as standard.  Some extreme burdens require a protocol of several weeks on and then off then on again in order to break up the life cycle of the parasites.  It is a very personal treatment and tailor-made to your animals.

The price for testing is a one-off charge to create the correct combination of remedies but we recommend a re-test when needing a new bottle or every 12 – 24 months – in case of changes on the land or introduction of potential risky animals (re-test costs apply).

We need wool or hair samples from as many animals as you can – in small herds/flocks we ask for individual samples, but in larger flocks a cross section across the herd or flock is required from a mix of different ages and breed types so we have a fair representation of the animals in the herd.  The better the cross section of hair, the better the remedy will work on the flock as a whole. You can use wool left over from shearing; it doesn’t need to be a fresh sample as the sample tests for the present moment in time.

If just one remedy is needed (which is the norm) then the costs are exactly the same as for any combination remedy.

Dosage for animals is 3 drops on a treat or food.  Each 10 ml gives you approx 200 drops so a 50 ml bottle gives approx 333 doses, making it a very simple and cost-effective option for parasite management. It is also possible for farmers to use a drenching gun with the parasite remedy, using water to dilute  the remedy (when only 1 drop per animal is needed, so you can do 1 drop to 1 ml of water and drench each animal with 1 ml).

It is not possible for parasites to build up a resistance to homeopathic treatment. This is because we are not killing the parasites themselves but providing the body with the information it needs in order to naturally expel parasites from the system. This can on occasion result in scour for a short period of time with live parasites contained in the dung.

As with anything we aim to produce results that give the highest level of protection and efficiency but sometimes we cannot foresee future problems that may reduce the effectiveness of the remedy – for example an animal becoming immune-compromised from an unmanaged pathogenic burden – and for that reason we cannot guarantee full coverage but assure you we test from every angle as thoroughly as possible to protect your animals as if they were our own.

NB – often with horses you will find this parasite control method does not result in a zero worm count. When testing for ‘health’ using muscle testing this takes into account a ‘healthy’ burden of parasites. All grazing animals evolved to live in harmony with their surroundings and many actually require a low parasite burden for their health; it is humans that have created the zero expectations for our animals’ EPG burden. Each animal will take the remedy and respond differently as to their picture of health and what works for them.

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