How does Allium Healing testing work?

At Allium Healing we offer a different view on healing for anyone looking to improve their own or their animals’ health using natural methods.  All our testing is remotely done using posted hair samples and all results are sent to clients via email on PDF documents.  All treatments are homeopathic, on the PDF you will have 4 – 7 months of recommended remedies to start the healing process.

Having Allium Healing test you via the supplied hair sample in no way obliges you to start treatment

Price for the initial test is £50 (or £70 to book an urgent test), this price does not include the cost of treatment.  All remedies recommended for treatment are purchased from us at  £7  per 10 ml dropper bottle.  Our initial testing can uncover 7 – 12 remedies that are usually purchased in one lot to save postage – but we can send them out in smaller batches if required.

During testing we look into the strength of organs, glands, pathogens, toxicity, negative emotions, miasms, constitutions, ancestral, EMF and more. We are constantly expanding and learning about deeper issues within the energy systems of the body and applying these to our clients.

We can test any species and have a wide range of human and animal experience, testing for specific disease issues depending on the species we are testing.

How kinesiology helps to fine-tune homeopathic treatment

What sets Allium Healing apart from the standard homeopathic treatment process is the way we analyse using muscle testing (kinesiology). We look for the issues in your body causing weaknesses rather than addressing symptoms in your body as they come up and you feel them. Symptoms are indications of ill health and the only way our bodies have of showing us that something isn’t right.  By assessing the body via testing we can usually find out what is causing the symptoms and then address the root cause, rather than following standard practice of symptom-guided remedy prescribing.  Occasionally symptoms are indications of issues that are very deep within the body and only by starting treatment can we then uncover those deeper health problems.

The healing process is a journey of uncovering, expressing and releasing the built up layers of ill-health within your system

Finding the resonating remedy

The other benefit of muscle testing is that we find the exact resonating remedy that the energy system needs. This has massive benefit because each remedy holds a different vibration and information signature. Anyone who uses homeopathy is well aware that some remedies do not work at times and at other times work instantly, this is because sometimes when self-prescribing you don’t pick the resonating remedy, so the information you give your body is actually of no use.  There are no side-effects from taking the wrong remedy but equally no improvement follows.  So by testing the body and finding the remedies needed by the energy systems we are avoiding the situation where the remedies provide no improvement.

What potency is required?

Once we have found the resonating remedy we also ask your body for the correct potency, it doesn’t matter if your body wants a 467c or a 29M, we can make any potency. The potency level indicates the level of energy your body needs to shift the problem the remedy is treating.

Layers of  (Ill) Health

Health is a series of layers, imagine it as a slightly more complicated onion (allium).  When testing, the body prioritises the most important layers first and with each remedy we resolve a layer of weakness within the body, from most important down to least important.   As we heal one layer, the next layer will rise up and express itself ready for treatment, this is what we see with the different remedies when testing – new layers wanting treatment.   During treatment symptoms will come and go and change because we are gradually getting deeper into the healing process.   Some cases are straightforward, others require us to delve very deeply and can take multiple tests to unravel, but all the while the health of the client improves.

Clients who come to Allium Healing usually have tried multiple other therapies; what Katy at Allium Healing offers is a more analytical view and a different method of treatment. By combining the knowledge of the body from muscle testing and the immense power of the right homeopathic remedy we look to free you from the negative symptoms of your health.

We do not diagnose!

What we do in no way replicates a medical diagnosis – As I am neither a vet nor doctor I am unable to diagnose anything – but by allowing the body to show us its weaknesses and build the remedy treatment we can get a good idea of what the body is telling us. However in the long term what is wrong is less important than how we can treat it.  Most health problems are treatable or at the very least improvable using our methods.  Some issues – such as missing organs, genetic disorders etc, call for different testing methods – but we can usually provide significant relief from symptoms if nothing else.

Katy is qualified by the School of Natural Health Sciences and holds both a Diploma in Kinesiology and a Diploma in Homeopathy (S.N.H.S dip)

If you have any questions at all please contact us by email and we will endeavour to answer them; when we take you on as a client we offer free email advice and support at any stage of treatment.

Our website rebuild is progressing – we have now added feedback from some of our clients and a news section to keep you updated about latest testing times and articles of interest.

Here are just a few of Allium Healing’s clients – lots more photos on our gallery page and some feedback below

Feedback from a few of our many satisfied clients

Katy is treating all our family; human & animal.
The results are amazing - but more than that, Katy's intuitive knowledge of where to go next on our healing journey is remarkable.
The other truly wonderful thing is the tremendous support she offers to all those under her care. We all trust her implicitly.


Our whole family and all animals are currently being treated by Katy. So far some of the things happening are absolutely amazing. Katy's theoretical knowledge is great but the way she uses kinesiology is simply incredible. If she carries on like this she may be able to change how science views homeopathy.


Myself, my daughter and our two cats are all currently receiving homeopathy from Katy. Piglet is taking a constitutional remedy and her attitude has greatly improved towards Bailey. Bailey is receiving treatment for a miasm - initially his behavior was getting very obsessive and repetitive, if he was human you might think he was on ‘the spectrum’ but his oddicies were becoming more aggravated, within hours of his first dose he was changed - he is still Bailey though just without the 5am wake up call and constant ‘I want to be out I want to be in’ thing he had going on. He still has a couple of months until his treatment is done. My daughter has a constitutional remedy and also support for an upcoming dental procedure that her body asked for during testing. I'm receiving treatment for a miasm and have just received my next remedies for the next few months which should then see it cleared along with nagging symptoms and ongoing ill healths. I know that if we need additional support or an acute case of something arises Katy is quickly contactable and approachable - I recommend to anyone for anything. If she can’t help she will tell you so.


I cannot recommend Katy enough. She gave me my husband back! He'd been sick for 4 years and the doctors could do no more for him.
My horse had cataracts in both eyes and now she keeps pushing her eyes in front of mine to show me how clear they are.
A million thank yous are not enough ❤️

Kate S C

Having been a bit sceptical of ‘alternative medicine’ I was absolutely gobsmacked on Katy’s diagnosis of my horse! Having always known him since his conception, birth and to a 9yr old, I thought I knew him pretty well. He’s so much better health wise although we have a few months of treatment left to go. So when we had an injured calf (through a difficult calving) Katy sorted out treatment and he’s as good as new! She saved our bull from being put to sleep when he fell ill and she has treated another horse of mine of which I knew no history although I suspected he had been injured when young due to scars. Katy is very approachable, understanding, non-judgemental and so very, very caring, Katy is an absolute star 🌟. Highly recommended for both animals and people. Thank you Katy, so glad we know you 😇

Linda H

Katy is the most caring , wonderful person I have ever come across , nothing is to much trouble for her .
She hates for people to be in pain and will do her utmost to help me any day of the week even weekends which it seems to always be with me !
Her knowledge , under standing & love of people , animals & how to help us is incredible . Thank you Katy where would I be without you . Xx

Gill C

Katy has treated a recurring problem in a dog and having very good results so far as still being treated. Also l have a terminally ill son who l asked Katy to look at. His hair was sent off and with the first part of the treatment he had amazing results in breathing. At present he is having miasm treatment which will not finish until 31st August and l will leave another review then. My son is under London hospitals since 2012 and still un-diagnosed and no genetic cause. I breathed in a cropsprayer while pregnant. I've used homeopathy 40 yrs but kinesiology takes it to another level.

Linda DS

I can't tell you how much Katy has helped our human family, cats, dogs, goats, alpacas and horses (ours and those of our livery clients). She is extremely intuitive, highly intelligent and certainly this work is her true vocation. I cannot recommend Allium Healing highly enough 🙂


We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have found Allium Healing as Katy is truly amazing at what she does. She looks after us and our animals and is always on hand to support and advise. What her testings reveal are phenomenal, we are at present working through the complex layers of one of my horses and when I recently took on a cat in need of rehoming, Allium Healing was my first port of call. Thank you Katy for all that you do for us ❤️

Kate W

I’m feeling very lucky to have found Katy and her testing skills, not to mention her extreme knowledge in homeopathy. I have received two treatments myself and I’m blown away by what a difference they have made. I’ve always been aware of the blocks in my life that prevent me moving forward but have never had any idea of how to break them down.
With the help of Katy I have moved forward through these blocks by visiting a lot of past and ancestral issues using homeopathy. With her support through me losing it many times I feel now I am steaming ahead with confidence. It’s indescribable.
My two children are currently being treated. My son, especially, has had many troubled times leading up to the age of 6. With her help I have seen him go through all the stages and face up to things to push him through. He has dealt with everything so well and is turning into a very healthy, happy, settled little boy. I’m so pleased he has had the opportunity to deal with this now and not later in life when it would be more difficult. He loves his drops