Allium Healing Treatment – Important Information

All remedies are supplied in liquid form in 10 ml dropper bottles, 10 ml gives 200 drops of the remedy

Remedies can be supplied on vodka or sugar – vodka is used as standard, if you would prefer sugar please tell us when you place your order!

Remedies on vodka last 5 years, remedies on sugar last 18 months.

Dosage Instructions

For humans one drop is required on the tongue, taken on a clean mouth; ten minutes should be left either way between eating or drinking anything strong tasting or brushing your teeth.  If this is not possible then please take three drops of the remedy with food or drink.

For animals give 3 drops with food – either on their favourite treat or straight into their food.

NB: one drop is a droplet, not a full pipette / dropper. A small 10 ml bottle contains 200 drops, so will last  200 days (approx 28 weeks) for a human using once per day (for animals it will last 9½ weeks for a remedy given once a day) – refill bottles are available for longer treatments.

Please treat remedies as you would any medicine and store all remedies upright in a cool and dark location out of the reach of children.

Symptoms & Aggravations

All remedies are carefully selected as per the body’s wishes, however new issues can arise from time to time between tests. These show as an expression of health, commonly known as a ‘symptom’. Sometimes these expressions can be an aggravation – caused by the remedy you are currently taking being 100% correct and having an expressive effect on your body in order to clear that layer of healing. This is totally normal.

If you are experiencing an aggravation it usually commences within days of starting a new remedy and peaks and fades within 5 – 7 days. It rarely remains acute for longer than a day (meaning you feel gradually better each day after peaking).   However sometimes the body can express something totally new (or you could have picked up a virus / bacteria and need help), so if you are worried about your health during your treatment please get in touch and I can advise further.

Retesting going Forward

Retests may be required even while on initial treatment as further health problems can arise that cannot be foreseen by the test

Although your body is clever enough to indicate the remedies it needs to clear the layers of ill-health you have at the time of testing and for up to 6 months going forward, please be aware that you are tested for your health patterns at that moment in time – we cannot foresee anything that might occur / you may be exposed to during the next period of time in your life (such as contracting a virus!).

Retests usually have shorter treatments, anywhere from 2 – 5 months. They are priced between £40 – £45 and depend on the amount of remedies needed. You do not need to pay up front for a retest but I recommend you book in advance as waiting times can be anywhere from 3 – 6 weeks.

We do not need a new hair sample for re-testing. Once we have your sample it is filed and we never need a new one  – it is an energetic representation of you / your animal which allows us to find you and test your body’s energy systems.

No Obligation

NNB: Katy is neither a vet nor a doctor, tests and advice from Allium Healing do not in any way replicate a medical diagnosis from a trained medical professional. Allium Healing approaches the body in a very different way and that is what our clients come to us for.

We ascertain the areas of the body that test weak, which are then used as a framework while testing to establish the recommended treatment plan in accordance with the body’s wishes.  Allium Healing treatments are interpretations based on the test and Katy’s experience; you are not obliged in any way to commence the treatment plan after the test if you are not happy with the results.

All remedies are tested very carefully and it is advised to follow the protocols (once daily for 3 weeks etc) as per the test to achieve the best results from your treatment.

Alcohol Evaporates

It is totally normal for the alcohol taste to fade over time – most remedies will taste like water within 6 – 12 months of opening, this is because the alcohol evaporates leaving a clear light tasting liquid behind. The remedy is still active within this and will remain so for 5 years from the date of making (the week you were tested!)

If you purchase a refill bottle from us, please refill into the original 10ml bottle, do not use a bottle that once had a different combination in it as energy medicine lingers even after washing.  All bottles when finished (if not using them as refills) should be recycled with your home recycling.

Email Support during Treatment

We provide full email support for all clients when on treatment – free of charge. If you have any worries or are concerned in any way then please get in touch. Katy will reply within 24 hours during her working week Monday – Thursday (9 am – 5 pm).

If you wish to download the above information, here it is in PDF Allium Healing Remedies Imprtant Information