Homeopathy can be explained at many levels, most would have the basic knowledge of ‘like treats like’.

Many studies of homeopathy have been published over the years to say the remedies contain nothing at all, but there are scientific fields that would easily prove homeopathy and its value. Quantum physics in simple terms, is the ‘study of matter and energy at the most fundamental level’ (google it!). Homeopathy is energy medicine. It is matching the frequency and resonance of the body to that of the medicine in order to free oneself of the illness /pathogen /toxin.

Traditionally this energy is matched by observing symptoms and matching remedies to it. There are many therapies used that all connect directly to the energy body – reiki, acupuncture, chakras, TCM – these are all therapies that rely on the response in the energy systems to bring about health.

The energy body itself has many names, some would call it the Aura, some the Soul, in reality it’s all of those things, it allows us to feel the mood in a room, gives us our ‘gut’ instinct and connects us to everything around us. The energy body is the first place where illness can be detected (see Kirlian Photography) and the best place to treat in order to free oneself of illness.

The issue that homeopathy comes up against is that, without kinesiology and muscle testing to get the exact resonance needed, you often dose without doing any good at all. The wrong resonance will simply do nothing, it won’t harm but it won’t resonate so it is a pointless treatment. It wasn’t until I discovered muscle testing and my ability to use it accurately that I realised the untapped potential of the therapy I loved but had never managed to use to its full effect.

This leads me to disease prevention using homeopathy. Firstly using muscle tests I can determine if each disease is present in the body of the animal and what can be done to treat it. Every illness is treatable via energy medicine, even armoured bacterias such as TB and Johnes. If any treatment is needed this can be done on an individual basis. Using the whole herd I test to establish the correct resonance for prevention of disease and how often doses are required. The doses then give the information needed to the energy systems in the body that render the pathogen harmless and it cleanses from the body.

Regular doses of carefully tested remedies not only prevent high risk diseases but keep the immune system at a high frequency meaning the milder pathogens rarely take hold too. The body becomes a vessel that cannot be brought low by these pathogens, but if it does get infected it will express symptoms to rid itself very quickly and efficiently. The same principles can be used for worming and any other detoxing treatment. Worm expression is something I see often, the animal will not be ‘sick’ it will express itself by scour, but the whole thing will be over with in 12-24 hours and back to normal.

The body has the methods in place to keep itself in balance and healthy but we just need to utilise it!