EMF Wireless Detox Support Combination


A generic homeopathic combination designed as a support for humans and animals needing to detox from EMF

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Electro Magnetic Frequencies / Wireless Detox and Support

A controversial subject but one we are now covering in remedies because of the damage that wireless has shown in testing

We need our modern world but we also need to be able to protect our bodies against any ill effects of 4G or 5G.  Everyone is different and not everyone will be affected, as with anything it depends on your predispositions to illness and disease and what tolerance your body has to everything.

Katy found recently in her goat herd that their immune systems are being compromised daily by ‘human activity’ and further to that ‘wireless signals and 4G’. She hadn’t until then fully comprehended that it was causing her family a problem.  So ever practical, remedies were created to help negate the effects on the body.

There are two options, animal and human

The combinations are quite different for both – which is unusual – but it shows it’s affecting people and animals in different ways.

Animals you dose once a day for just two days. Then one dose every 3 weeks on a continual basis.

Humans you dose once a day for 4 days, then once a week for 3 weeks, then once every 4 weeks continually.

We have found some effects on the immune systems can be – pathogen problems (fungal, bacterial and parasitical) that keep returning, and despite treatment cannot quite clear and the body is unable to fight off.

Dosage for the remedy for animals is 3 drops in food or on a favourite treat.  For humans – one drop into a clean mouth and no food or drink for 10 minutes either side of that.

What size should I order?

  • 10 ml bottle provides approx 200 drops (66 doses/days)
  • 30 ml bottle provides approx 600 drops (200 doses/days)
  • 50 ml bottle provides approx 1000 drops (333 doses/days)
  • All remedies are made on alcohol and last for 5 years after making (providing kept cool & dark) – all are made to order

NB: this is made as a generic remedy to cover and help as many people & animals as possible. It has not been tested specifically for you or your animal so results will not be as accurate as if we had tested specifically.

If you would like us to test you or your animal specifically, please first complete the relevant questionnaire: animal | human

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