Strangles Support Combination


A generic homeopathic combination designed as a support for horses exposed to, or in the vicinity of, a strangles outbreak.

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For use when there is an outbreak of Strangles either on your yard or nearby

This remedy is an antibacterial combination that includes the remedy ‘Streptococcus Equi’, the bacteria that causes strangles. It is designed and created by horses that have been subject to the bacteria to give as much accuracy as possible.  It gives your horse the information it needs to prevent the bacteria from multiplying in the body and then to clear the bacteria from their system.   If the animal has not yet picked up the bacteria this remedy will provide the information the body needs to fight the bacteria if it does come into contact with it.

We offer two options for the remedy –

High risk – this is for use if an animal on the yard where your horse is kept has strangles or your horse has come into direct contact with the bacteria.

Low risk – this is for use if you are one or two steps away from a high risk animal; if perhaps there’s a neighbour with strangles or you have come into contact with a horse (that’s clear) but from a yard that has just gone down with an outbreak.

Dosage for the remedy is 3 drops on a carrot, apple or favourite treat.   Once daily until risk passes.

What size should I order?

  • 10 ml bottle provides approx 200 drops (66 doses/days)
  • 30 ml bottle provides approx 600 drops (200 doses/days)
  • 50 ml bottle provides approx 1000 drops (333 doses/days)
  • All remedies are made on alcohol and last for 5 years after making (providing kept cool & dark) – all are made to order

NB: this is made as a generic remedy to cover and help as many animals as possible. It has not been tested specifically for your animal so results will not be as accurate as if we had tested for your animal specifically.

If you would like us to test your animal specifically, please first complete the questionnaire

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