Wormer combination


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There are two options for dosing with this Worming Combination remedy

 The standard dosing is one dose a day for 7 days, followed by a 7 day break, then again one dose a day for another 7 days. Then leave a 3 month break and repeat the 7/7/7 pattern. Then continue in the pattern to help support your animals to clear their parasite burden.

Alternatively,  they can be treated once a day for 5 days every 4 weeks. So each month you give them 5 doses in a row to support their bodies to be parasite-free.

There are many factors when trying to eradicate parasites in the body, so if this wormer does not work your animal may have a compromised immune or digestive system that needs addressing. Please do get in touch if that happens with any specific animals as they need further help in the form of an initial test to establish why the wormer is not working for them.  If  you would like us to test your animal, please complete the Animal Questionnaire

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